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My Favorite Things are Resources for YOU!

Why do I have links to other people's work on my website?

Sometimes I'll come across an article, podcast, video, etc., that perfectly explains the message I'd like to address with clients, and even friends and family. Why recreate or reinvent it if it's already done and perfect as is? 

Secondly, sometimes I cannot directly relate to or empathize on a certain issue with my clients, so I will provide them a resource from a reputable source that can. This way I can provide empathy over sympathy, and we can continue to move forward with trust toward their treatment goals. 

Hover over the "My Favorite Things!" Tab & click on the different types of resources I have added just for you. I hope you find them helpful. 



Boundaries Score Card

Use this tool from my friend Pat Honiotes, to find out "where do you stand in the realm of setting healthy boundaries and then honoring those boundaries?"

"Hold it Right There" by Pat Honiotes

Ebook on Boundaries

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