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How ‘bout some good news?
Life doesn’t have to be this way!

What it's like in session with me


My clients tell me I’m easy to talk to, and laid-back. Because I’ve been where you are, I will share my own experiences of healing with you. My intention here is to help you feel supported, seen, and most importantly, understood. You’re going to get to know me as much as I’m going to get to know you.


Clinically, I am trained as a psychotherapist, one who helps with mental health. Working with me you will learn the mind body connection and be able to decode the messages behind your chronic pain and even your emotions. To do this, I like to combine therapy with Reiki, mindfulness, and other spiritual and intuition building practices. Therapy can be fun and doesn’t have to be “prim, proper, and boring.” Also, I provide a framework for text message access to me between sessions, should an emergency arise.


  • In your first session we’ll review your paperwork and get to know each other.


  • Each subsequent session will be a full 50 minutes, and I like to let you begin with anything that has been on your mind. Between sessions I may develop ideas for activities to work on in future sessions. You’ll have the option to choose the activity or discuss what is on your mind.


  • And of course, a big difference in sessions with me compared to regular therapy is that I’ll offer my holistic approach I described above. In my experience with clients, this is what really moves the needle in terms of speeding your recovery.


So why me?


I’ve lived a period of years feeling lost, disconnected, stuck, and loathed my body.


I see you.

I feel you.

I get you.


I’ve been where you are now.


It all went downhill when I met the man to be my first husband in 2006.

It was a toxic, abusive relationship.


I lost my sense of self, my confidence, my personality – just so I could avoid confrontation and appease him. Because of all of the emotions I was holding back, swallowing, and biting my tongue on, my body started to ache all over - All. The. Time. I couldn’t think straight; and I became even more depressed than I already was. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the age of 26, and bottomed out.


It’s been an 11 year journey of healing that involved finding myself, finding my voice, and learning to appreciate conflict instead of avoid it. When I found Reiki, I finally learned how to listen to and understand what my body was subtly trying to tell me. I wanted to bring this blend of traditional therapy and energy healing to everyone because it has more than changed my life! As I mentioned before, the results I have seen with my clients have been Amazing! Being on my own journey has shown me the importance of the unique perspective I bring into the world. Which is why I choose to share my gifts for your transformation to bring out your uniqueness too!




LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) State of Wisconsin

HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Certified Therapist 


Certified Dialectical Behavior Therapist

Master of Science from Eastern Illinois University – Community Counseling Program


Bachelor of Arts from Bradley University – Major in Psychology, Minor in Biology


Reiki Master Teacher

Yoga Teacher in-training

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