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Therapy for Men in Midlife
in Janesville, Wisconsin

It seems like everyday you’re on edge and any little thing can turn into an argument with your wife. You don’t like feeling on edge, angry, or fighting all the time, but you have no idea what to do about it. Drinking and ignoring it clearly are not helping the situation.


You just want your wife to know how much you love her, you’re trying, but something just isn’t clicking. You really do want this to work and to be the best husband to her. You get scared and frustrated sometimes which comes out as anger since you don't know how to talk about it.


What keeps you awake at night is irritation and anxious thoughts about how to “fix this.” You’re afraid if you continue to let your anger take over you’ll be faced with a divorce you don’t actually want, and you’ll be alone forever. This has gotten bad enough and you’ve decided you need to do something. Maybe this therapy thing isn’t so bad after all. You just want to make sure you’ll be heard and understood.

What if both you and your wife could be happy? What if you could communicate with each other civilly without flying off the handle, or reacting passive aggressively? What if you could actually enjoy each other’s company? You might want to spend quality time with her, travel, and expand your family!


You could even develop a deeper love than you could have ever imagined! You know this is what you crave and what you do feel for your wife. Where you get stuck is in how to express your love, let alone how to express your frustrations in a more healthy way.

I know that emotions are tough to understand. On top of that, you’ve never been taught WTF to do with them! Societally, men are taught “you’re weak if you’re emotional.” I’m here to tell you otherwise. Emotional intelligence is healthy. It will help you get what you want in your relationships. It will teach you personal responsibility for your emotions, and how to effectively communicate your needs. If you can understand these two parts, conflict resolution becomes a breeze!


Emotions are easy once you know what to do with them. We’ll explore feelings, the needs we crave, and how to express that to our loved ones. Emotions and conflict are not dirty words! They are necessary and have information for us. Unfortunately you were never taught how to crack that code. Let me show you how. You will finally gain that sense of peace and ease you seek in all your relationships.


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