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Therapy for the Spiritually-Curious
in Janesville, Wisconsin

Did you come from a Christian background, abandon your religion, and now feel like something is missing? You’ve always been interested in "psychic" abilities but had to hide it out of fear of what others might think. You’re interested in learning about "all things woo." You want to know about Reiki, energy, crystals, and essential oils. You secretly believe in magic and Google about witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, or the Occult. You wish you could find a professional to wade you through these waters.

​​The rest of your life right now seems “fine” but you’re still not happy. ​You may have experienced several bouts of deep depression throughout your life. You’ve seen a lot of other healers to work on this, and still experience depression. You still feel like you have no control over what happens in your life and desperately seek out people to help fix it for you. There's this feeling and thought of "I just want to go home!," which sounds stupid to you, but I get it! (I had that feeling for a LONG time too.)

What's bothering you is this deep yearning inside that there's something more for you to know, but you have no idea what it is. I know what keeps you up at night is ruminating thoughts and playing through “what ifs” in your mind. You’re afraid to make the wrong decision which leads into your deeper fear of loss of control. The question you always want answered is “When?” or “What should I do?”

You feel so stuck, and nothing you try from any book, healer, psychic, or program you’ve purchased has helped! You want to feel some semblance of control in your life. You’re sick of things just happening to you all the time. You just want your dream life that you know you deserve. Nothing anybody tells you helps and only seems to push it further and further away.

If you could have your dream life, you’d be able to manifest whatever you want on a whim. You'd travel, have money coming in without a worry, and have the relationship you dream of.

You just want to finally be happy and like you’re on your path in life. You want to feel comfortable making decisions on your own and to trust your intuition. It’d feel like the yellow brick road finally showed up for you to follow to your dream life! Your relationship with yourself would be stronger. You’d be able to take things less personal because you know how to discern what is right for you.

I know what it means to feel lost - like there’s something missing. I know that you have this inner yearning that will not go away. I can help you quench it. Let me show you how to explore spiritual concepts and how to integrate them into reality. I can show you how to develop your intuition, recognize it, and begin to trust it. We’ll investigate this inner yearning, identify what it's trying to tell you, and take action. You'll finally feel free from self-judgment and fear of the unknown.


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100 West Racine Street, Janesville, WI 53548

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