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Therapy for the Spiritually-Curious
in Janesville, Wisconsin

  • Did you come from a Christian upbringing, abandon your religion, and now feel like something is missing?

  • Have you always been interested in "psychic" abilities but had to hide it out of fear of what others might think?

  • Are you interested in all things "woo" like crystals, essential oils, Reiki, shamans, pendulums, singing bowls, etc.?

  • Do you secretly believe in magic and Google things like modern day witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, or the Occult?

The rest of your life right now may actually be fine. What's bothering you is this deep yearning inside that there's something more for you to know, but you have no idea what it is. 

You may have experienced some deep depression that only lasts a day or two, where all you do is cry and stay in bed. 

You may even feel like you can't relate to people anymore. There's this feeling and thought of "I just want to go home!," which sounds stupid to you, but I get it! (I had that feeling for a LONG time too.)

The Solution?

To finally feel whole again and that you've quenched this inner yearning inside of you. 

  1. Explore spiritual concepts and how to integrate them into reality instead of living in the fantasy of the mind. 

  2. Learn what the 6 clairs are, how you already experience the, and how to further develop them. 

  3. Investigate this inner yearning, be able to identify what it's trying to tell you, and take action free from self-judgment and fear of the unknown. 

  4. Learn to trust and act on your intuition. 

The way I work with my clients in therapy sessions on this typically involves a Rogerian approach initially. What this looks like is you and I talking about what is going on in your life, the way you would with your best friend. The benefit of this style is to accept you as you are, free from judgment, and work from this space. 

Depending on what comes up, I may pull in other types of therapies. 

Somatic therapy, Mindfulness, and energy healing helps me to teach you the body-mind-spirit connection. 

Transpersonal psychology is more of a approach that helps my clients to see the bigger picture as it relates to their life experiences. It's more of a broad spiritual approach. 

Depth/Jungian/Psychodynamic to help dig out where the dogmatic trauma still lives within your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. 

Internal Family Systems is a therapy utilized to help you connect to disconnected or dissociated "parts" of the Self that you may consciously be aware of, OR may live within you subconsciously.

You don't have to feel lost anymore. Find what you're searching for that's been with you the whole time. 


What are sessions like?

Sessions are 60 minutes. I'm more on an intuitive therapist and will roll with whatever you bring to the session that day. However, there may be times I prepare an activity for us to specifically work on together. 

How long do I need to be in therapy?

Therapy, unlike life coaching, is open-ended and dependent upon how quickly you want to resolve the issues you are seeking help for, as well as how emotionally ready you are to face them. We review your treatment goals on a quarterly basis together to assess whether or not you are progressing and whether or not it is best for you to continue. 

How do I know if therapy will work for me?

Honestly? You'll never know unless you try it. And "trying" looks like showing up for yourself week to week, being honest with yourself, and revealing what needs to be said free of judgment from you so you can finally understand why you do thing things you do, react the way you react, and think the things you think!

Do I have homework after sessions?

Yep! I'm a big believer in giving homework. I refer books or articles to read to help you further learn a concept I'm trying to teach. I may send you videos to watch, have your journal, make lists, do something creative like color or paint, or even do something to relax yourself like take a long bath or allow yourself to take a nap. 

How do we get started?

Schedule a FREE consultation to get to know me first, OR

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