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Mental Health for Chronic Illness
in Janesville, Wisconsin

Every morning you’re frustrated with waking up in pain and afraid to talk about it. You're afraid to hear "it's all in your head." Your doctors may have told you there's "no medical explanation for your pain or symptoms." OR, you may be afraid to see a doctor because you fear what they will tell you and how it may drastically change your life!

You loathe your body, shame, and complain about it everyday to yourself. You try to do your best to hide your pain and symptoms until they get so overwhelming that you finally ask for help. You put everyone else first on your "To-Do List," and look forward to crashing into bed at night so you can finally have time for yourself. You complain that there's no time or money for taking care of yourself. It's hard for you to say "No" to your family and friends.

You give everything you have to your job, your kids, your spouse, and your friends, and feel like you receive nothing in return. Everything on the outside looks perfect, but on the inside you're crying. 

You want to feel comfortable in your body again. You secretly seek control over how  your body responds and acts. And your secret question you dare never ask is about remission of symptoms. Besides being pain free, you wish you could deal with conflict instead of sweeping it under the rug. You'd also like to say “NO” without feeling guilty, and have some dedicated alone time.

What if you could live the life of that powerful lead role woman from your favorite Lifetime movie? What if you had more time and energy to live your life AND to explore new hobbies or career ventures? What if you were able to delegate instead of trying to do everything by yourself?

What if your entire quality of life could change and be even better than you’ve already imagined?

I understand all your frustrations and empathize with your pain. I’ve been on that journey myself in dealing with fibromyalgia. Once I eliminated the emotional source, I was in remission for several years. A car accident took me out of remission. Symptoms manifested differently, and required new ways of eliminating them.

I want you to wake up well-rested and excited to greet the day! I want you to have more joy and zest for life, your family, and your career! I can teach you the mind-body connection as it relates to your chronic illness. You’ll learn how to acknowledge what your body is telling you and deal with it immediately. Let me show you how.


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100 West Racine Street, Janesville, WI 53548

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