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Life Lessons from Harry Potter

I never understood why nobody made a big deal at the end of the Deathly Hallows when Harry FINALLY killed Voldemort...(oh yeah, you didn't think the series was going to let him die did you? Also, if I just spoiled that for you, climb out from the rock you've been living under and watch them and read the books already!)

Today I finally get it, because I'm fighting the same metaphorical (I'd even consider it a metaphysical) battle in the series. Harry is set up to be the Hero of the whole story. While he is the "Chosen One"/Hero (i don't like that I can't use italics! omg), the Deathly Hallows subtly demonstrates the battle within as well:

the battle to rise the battle to thrive the battle over fear the battle to become the hero of YOUR story because nobody is coming to save you

Even though Harry always had help along the way, this final battle was fought alone, nobody watched. And the entire series portrayed Harry to be the future hero, in the end, Harry had to fight his own darkness ALONE in order to "win" and defeat his nemesis - Voldemort.


How many of you are allowing your own darkness to take over you life? Wishing and hoping something would change? Wishing, hoping, and praying that someone would come to your rescue?

Nobody is coming to save you. You have to fight your darkness on your own. YOU have to show up, look it in the eye, and fucking fight for your life, because YOUR life depends upon you, and you alone. OF COURSE you can ask for help, support, and a listening ear along your own journey. But know this, your support system cannot do the deep internal emotional work for you. That's your job, and yours alone.

Also, someone out there needs to know this: It's never too late to save yourself and become the hero of your own story!


Please SHARE this if you enjoyed it and think others would like to read the message! If you need someone to talk to , let me know. I'm here either for a short chat or for hire.


You got this!

Namaste lovelies, The Meesh

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