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Michelle Scott, MS, LPC, RMT, CDBT

I help women living with chronic illness heal faster by improving their relationship with their body and themselves.

Janesville Wisconsin
or Teletherapy for Wisconsin Residents

The Answer You've Been Looking For

You feel like you're always on edge - All. The. Time. It feels like you're wound like a top and you never get to unravel and relax. Everything in your body hurts on the reg. You can't remember a day without pain and discomfort. Nothing helps, you've lost trust in going to the doctor, and you've begun to loathe your body.


Maybe you feel guilty taking time for yourself when you have so much going on with work, kids, a messy house, and a spouse. Perhaps you worry about spending money on yourself because you're afraid it will be a waste of time and won't help you at all. You could be afraid that your pain is permanent, and that everyone is right when they say “it’s all in your head.” So you assume you must be crazy.


If you continue down this road, you fear you’ll never get better. Maybe you’ll need some crazy surgery, and remain miserable for the rest of your life. You already feel like you’re “missing out,” and this would only continue to feel like your reality. Secretly, you believe there’s some way to heal yourself; yet you have no idea who you need to see for help with that. Doctors sure don’t seem to know or have any other answer besides medication or surgery. You want to know the root cause of your chronic condition. Then treat that instead of incessantly treating your symptoms.

You deserve to wake up well rested and excited to greet the day for once! Let alone feeling comfort and peace inside your body. When you’re living life pain free, you’ll finally experience that control you’ve been searching for. Because of this, you'll finally feel comfortable delegating tasks. No more doing everything for everybody. Which also means, you’ll have more energy to put into your marriage, time with kids, and exploring new hobbies. You’ll feel like you actually get to live instead of just exist! Remission of symptoms is the secret question you want to ask. While I cannot make that medical claim, I can tell you I’ve seen it happen.

I get how you feel. I've been in your shoes. I know what your life looks like, feels like, and how to help you finally feel at ease and at peace. I know that pain, ruminating thoughts, and guilt for not being more productive are what keep you up at night. Imagine your life free from chaos, free from chronic pain, and feeling fully alive again. What if your chronic symptoms had meaning and you could finally decode their message? I can teach you how to live life with intention instead of in reaction. Take the next step now by scheduling a consult with me! Click the button below.

Therapy with a
Body Mind Spirit Approach

Emotional & Spiritual Support for
Chronic Pain, Anxiety, and Depression
in Janesville Wisconsin

In an effort to support clients making breakthroughs, I have created a method that is emotion- belief- and behavior-based. It addresses the skill set, the mindset, and the underlying emotions trapped within the body. I believe in providing an oasis for busy Janesville residents to pause, to reflect, to tune in to their own body, so that they can regroup for their next leap forward.



Chronic Illness

Creating a conscious relationship with your body, navigating health concerns, and living a life you love.

Anxiety & Depression

Living in present moment free from the bondage of fear, shame, and guilt.


Connecting to your creativity and intuition to find the sense of freedom of expression you seek.

Men in Midlife

Emotions are easy once you know what to do with them.

What's the Process of Therapy?

Step 1

Schedule your FREE Consultation

Step 2

Partner with me on a weekly basis. We'll meet for 50-56 minutes each week and simply unpack what is going on in your life.

Step 3

Finally feel at ease inside your body, release the grips that shame, fear, and guilt have over you, and reconnect to your intuition to find the freedom and trust you desire.

You don't have to keep living in pain and fear. 

I can help you feel comfortable in your body and gain control over your life again!


“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius


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